Weekly Meal Planning & Shopping Guide

I help busy people in everyday kitchens learn how to prepare tasty and healthy meals. I’ll guide you through my efficient meal planning and shopping list organization to save you time and money.

How to Plan, Shop & Cook for Life

This is a 20-page pdf, which explains how to plan a week’s worth of meals in 30 minutes, customize your shopping list so you can shop once a week, and 12 easy-to-make starter recipes.

Customizable Shopping List

This is my shopping list in Word doc format so you can adjust it to includeyour foods and favorite store.

Additional Recipes

These are six of our family's favorite recipes, as well as my, yes I will say incredible granola recipe with detailed instructions for how to make it.


  • How to Plan a week’s worth of meals in half an hour.
  • How to make an efficient trip to the grocery store ONLY once a week.
  • How to Skip the nightly “What’s for dinner” question with a confident dinner plan.


  • A weekly meal planning strategy
  • A customizable shopping list
  • 12 easy-to-follow starter recipes
  • The list of basic kitchen tools, and foods for these recipes
  • Basic terminology for following any recipe
  • Bonus: 6 sample recipes
  • Bonus: Sal’s Granal Granola recipe!

Why Meal Planning?

If you want to be physically, emotionally, and financially healthy, you’re going to have to learn how to manage and cook real food.

You can learn the hard way, by trial and error (which means wasting food and money), or you can learn a system right now in the next hour that has already been proven to work.

This isn’t a gimmick — this is a system and set of skills that will pay off for the rest of your life.

And, it costs less than one nice dinner out with your family.

"I was really pleased with how well it all went... didn’t feel overwhelmed. I felt excited to make the meals. I didn’t spend as much money and I hardly have any waste. I found it really helpful and valuable. (Enjoying the spinach bacon salad as I type!)

People don’t know how to do this and it’s amazing because you are so passionate about food!"


"Plan/Shop/Cook added organization and efficiency to our once hectic grocery shopping experience by replacing daily trips to the store with weekly ones.”


Ready to make your meal choices less chaotic?